Main switch

Main, emergency off and repair switchesmore +

A manually operated main switch must be provided for each mains feed in order to disconnect the machine's electrical equipment from the mains (e.g. when work on the electrical equipment is to be done)...

D series main / emergency off switchesmore +

At every control point and workplace where an emergency-off function is required, such devices must be present. They must mechanically snap into place automatically and be positioned where they can be easily reached...

VN series main / emergency off switchesmore +

VN series main / emergency off switches

DL series main / emergency off switchesmore +

DL switches fulfil the circuit-breaking conditions as per EN for 1000V. The terminals have individual terminal clamp covers for cable lug and power bus connection on the mains input side. The DHV twin-lever handle has a locking...

Repair switchesmore +

The repair switch is an enclosed main switch with an emergency-off function for an individual electrical consumer. Its installation in the immediate vicinity of the motor or of the electrical consumer unit enables each worker...

Motor switches with CEE plug and low-voltage circuit breakermore +

Taken into the account in the design of these devices are the VDE provisions of DIN EN 60204 Part 1, section 7.5 (protection against automatic restarting when power is restored following a power cut).

S series main / emergency-off switch with low-voltage circuit breaker more +

Elektra S series main switches with a low voltage circuit breaker provide protection against automatic restarting when power is restored following a power cut. They fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 60204 Part 1, clause 7.5 ...

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Purpose of collection and usage of personal information

We collect the personal information for the following purposes to provide you with the most optimized and customized services.

  • • Required items: Securing smooth communication paths such as delivery of notices, confirmation of the applicant's intention, complaint handling, and providing information required by customers.
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However, we do not collect sensitive personal information (such as race and ethnicity, ideology and creed, hometown and homeland, political orientation and criminal record, health status, sex life, etc.) that may be of concern to the basic human right violation of user.

Scope of collecting personal information

We have free access to most contents without a separate membership process. If you want to use our counseling menu, please fill in the following information. Even if you do not enter the optional items other than the required item, there is no restriction on the service.

Scope of personal information collected

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Period of retention and use of personal information

Your personal information will be destroyed when the purpose of collecting personal information or the purposes for which it was received is accomplished. However, if there is a need to hold for a certain period of time due to the confirmation of the relationship between the rights and obligations of the transaction in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations such as the Commercial Act, it shall be held for a certain period of time as follows.

  • • Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
  • • Records on payment and goods supply: 5 years
  • • Records on payment and goods supply: 5 years

If you ask us to view the transaction information, etc., which we hold with your consent, we will take measures so that it can be viewed and confirmed without any delay.